Live Global Audience: The Formula Americas Super GP Championship will receive worldwide exposure through free live streaming of all races via the internet with the latest cellular technology, as well as free on-demand race video for continued viewing availability. Select races will be featured on television as well. All cars will carry on-board cameras with live feed for inclusion in the live streaming production. The Series and its participants will also be heavily promoted through all the various current and emerging social media sites and motorsport publications.

Extensive Social Media Presence: Formula Americas has contracted the services of a dedicated, professional Social Media company that will utilize all of the various current and emerging social media outlets extensively to promote the drivers, sponsors and the Championship itself with a minimum of three posts per week, keeping the Championship and drivers in the forefront of the fans. Drivers are encouraged to utilize social media as well to increase the awareness of their participation in the Championship.

Level Playing Field: All cars are owned by the Championship, maintained and set up to be identical by the Championship's engineers to ensure a level playing field for all drivers. Formula Americas is a true Driver's Championship where talent, not money will get you the win. There is no need to purchase your own car or pay a team to run you. There's no worry whether your engineer is better than the other guy's, as the cars are all equal. We take care of it all. All you need to do is concentrate on perfecting your driving skills and driving at your very best.

Drivers will receive a different car at each event. All cars have a chassis number and at the conclusion of each event, drivers will blind pick a numbered ball in a drawing that will correlate to the car's chassis number that they will drive in the following event. Numbers will be drawn in reverse finishing order of the event's final race. Numbers will be picked at the conclusion of each event, so that the crew can make the proper pedal, steering wheel and weight adjustments for each driver prior to the next event. Drivers will keep their own car number for the full season. We do this to remove any perception that a driver may have of feeling stuck for the season with an unequal car.  

Sponsor Promotion: Drivers are welcome and encouraged to bring their personal sponsors and place their logo identification on their car. All areas of the car are open with the exception of the lower 1/4 of the side pods and wing end fences. Driver sponsors can not conflict with any Series sponsor. It is highly suggested to have several sponsor decals made up as you will be changing cars each event. Each driver will receive 2 trackside banners to promote their sponsors, which will be located on the main straight in front of the pits, as well as receive numerous mentions during race broadcasts. Sponsors are an integral part of professional auto racing and we will do all we can to assist our drivers in promoting their sponsors and strengthen their relationships.